Structural Integrity

TWI delivers an Offshore Structures Workshop aimed at KS5 students with a particular interest in Engineering. The workshop consists of a series of short presentations and activities designed to inform and put into practice the theory and techniques used in the analysis of offshore structures in the oil and gas industry. 

The workshop begins by briefly describing offshore structures and welded joints and is followed by an introduction to the failure mechanisms associated with them. Real welded joint specimens and fracture faces of failed joints are looked at in detail, allowing students to become detectives and distinguish between brittle, ductile and fatigue failures. 

The second part of the workshop involves further activities, all of which led to assessing how long an offshore structure would last in-service in the North Sea. These activities involve extracting strains from an offshore rig and converting them to stresses, extracting flaw sizes from steel butt welds using magnetic particle inspection and determining the material properties from material testing data.

On obtaining this information, students are then able to conduct an ECA (Engineering Critical Assessment) using TWI’s software CrackWISE to assess how long their offshore rig would last before failing.

This workshop challenges students to think of engineering concepts that are outside the current curriculum and introduces them to the complexity and excitement of working with welded joints in structures.

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