Accreditation Process

Initial submission

To apply for accreditation you will firstly need to send us your Initial Submission

Click here to view and download the Initial application form

When complete please save your submission to a USB and send four copies to our head office.

Please submit your Initial application form at least 30 weeks before your accreditation visit.

Main submission

After we have reviewed and approved your initial submission and scheduled your visit, you will then be requested to send us six copies of:

Please send the above documents to our office within 12 weeks of your visit.

Your accreditation visit

Standard accreditation visits usually last between one and two days. The team will meet with you and your staff, while assessing your programmes, facilities and laboratories and talking to your students.

Final stages of the accreditation process

Upon the completion of your visit, the recommendation from the assessors are sent to our Committee for review and ratification. Upon the completion of this meeting you will be informed by the Professional Membership Office of the outcome of your application.

Joint accreditation visits

As a member of the Engineering Accreditation Board (EAB), we’re happy to arrange joint accreditation visits with other professional engineering institutions where suitable and requested.


We currently do not charge for the accreditation of academic programmes.

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