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Institute Technician Member Jake Rambaldini – Appointed as Welding Training Manager for WorldSkills 2021

Welding Institute Technician Member, Jake Rambaldini, who joined the Institute in 2010, has been appointed as the welding training manager for the WorldSkills competition, which is taking place in Shanghai next year!

Jake has over 12 years’ experience within the welding field and is currently the Director of Rambaldini Welding Services Ltd, completely taking over the company in 2018 after business partner Jon Pearsall's retirement. Through his hands-on role within his company, Jake carries out multiple jobs ranging from consultancy advice to conducting weld procedures, offering a complete solutions approach for his clients and customers. 

Jake’s welding career began in 2007 when he carried out his advanced apprenticeship at Doosan Babcock’s welder training school, continuing on 2 years into his three year apprenticeship to compete at the SkillWeld UK welding competition and winning gold in 2010. From this, Jake continued on to compete at the 2011 WorldSkills competition, achieving the bronze medal after competing against 35 global competitors.

WorldSkills and SkillWeld Competition Experience

Reflecting on his experience of competing in both competitions, Jake explained that he revelled in the competitive environment and enjoyed that he was unfazed by its unfamiliarity, highlighting how he treated the tasks as he would in his normal job, simply adapting his work output to new time limits and settings. He also noted that he was the only apprentice at the time of competing in the 2011 WorldSkills welding competition, a fact that he was unaware of until after the competition was over.

Talking about his experience of competing at SkillWeld UK and WorldSkills, Jake highlighted the opportunities that it offered him within his career, listing the impressive opportunities to travel across the globe to countries such as Australia and South Africa. Through these opportunities, Jake expressed how it allowed him to take his passion and experience in welding into new environments, even including training other global WorldSkills welding teams such as in South Africa.

Current Involvement with the Competitions 

Jake’s involvement with the competition has also stretched further than just competing, with him now sitting on the SkillWeld Committee for over 6 years and recently being appointed as the welding training manager for the WorldSkills competition 2021 in Shanghai. Through this role, he acts as the UK’s welding expert with responsibilities including devising training plans and organising training events. He also explained that he offers his own company’s facilities for training the competitors he manages.

Describing his motivations for taking on this role, Jake explained it is his passion for the welding career and industry that has led him to have a mind-set and goal to, ‘share my experience and the knowledge I’ve learnt myself and put it into someone else.’ He further explained that through these roles, he is able to attend Further Education (FE) institutions to promote the welding industry and career, something that allows him to share his passion and knowledge with the upcoming generation of welders and engineers.

The Welding Institute would like to congratulate Jake on being appointed as the welding training manager for the WorldSkills 2021 competition in Shanghai and also acknowledge the excellent support he carries out to encourage the future generation of welders, an aim that we, as a professional engineering institution, align ourselves with closely.

Take a look at the support that The Welding Institute provides with the WorldSkills and SkillWeld competitions here.

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