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The Welding Institute offers its professional members plenty of opportunities to develop their 'soft' skills and networks whilst supporting the work of the Institute through volunteering. Listed below are the vacancies we currently have available where we would welcome your support.

If you interested in any of the volunteer vacancies advertised below, or if you have and questions please contact us


Annual Call for Professional Members of Council

Council and its delegated bodies is responsible for the co-ordination and strategic management and oversight of The Welding Institute group of companies. The organisation is managed on a day to day basis by a Chief Executive Officer and an Executive Board. All Professional Members of The Welding Institute are invited to apply for a place on Council.

We welcome applications from a diverse range of social and economic groups and especially from underrepresented groups.

Applicants will preferably, but not exclusively, be current or recent members of Professional Board.


As a non-executive director, you will be required to provide entrepreneurial leadership within a framework of prudent and effective controls which enable risk to be assessed and managed. You will focus on board matters, provide an independent view of the organisation that is removed from the day-to- day running. You will bring independence, impartiality, wide experience, specialist knowledge and personal qualities. You will be required to attend Council meetings that will take place, on average, every three months. There may be additional time commitments should you choose to participate in one or more additional delegated bodies (boards or committees). Applicants must understand the importance of allowing enough time for reading and evaluating meeting papers and attending and contributing to Council and associated committees.

When and where

Council meets at least 4 times a year in person and online at various locations around the UK


Applicants should have experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • Human resources, Diversity, Equality and Inclusion
  • Health, safety and wellbeing (strategy and culture)
  • Finance (management, audit and/or risk)
  • International business and commercial development (for example legal, commercial, contractual, international  trade, management of foreign subsidiaries)
  • Business governance
  • Strategic (for example information technology, cyber security, strategic development)
Number of volunteers required


Role specification

Our Guidance Brochure outlines the requirements of the role here

How to apply

Applicants should submit their CV and covering letter outlining how they meet the selection criteria by the 17th July 2022 via the link below:


Annual Call for Members of Professional Board

The Professional Board is responsible for the regulations governing individual Professional Membership and registration with Engineering Council. It also oversees the work of the Branch Management Committee. As part of our governing arrangements, new members are appointed to the Board each year to ensure the work of the Board remains relevant and representative of our members’ interests. Terms of Reference for Professional Board can be found here.


Members of Professional Board scrutinise and direct the work of The Welding Institutes Boards and committees, and drive forward the development of the Institutes work through various working Groups. Member led Working Groups are  currently driving forward the production of the new Institute Journal (Welding and Joining Matters), supporting the establishment of a new Branch in Australia, drafting new qualifications for apprentices and developing a Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Charter for our members.

When and where

Professional Board meets 2 a year in the spring and autumn, as a hybrid meeting (i.e. online and in person).


Applicants must be current Professional members of The Welding Institute

Members of the Professional Board will have….

  • Good verbal communication and interpersonal skills
  • Experience of contributing to committee meetings as part of a Team
  • The ability to respond to deadlines
  • A willingness to take the initiative as required
  • The ability to reach a majority view

Members of Professional Board are expected to….

  • Have an understanding and knowledge to actively participate in committee meetings,
  • Execute their analytical skills to effectively read and comment on papers and reports
  • Contribute to the specific projects and the preparation of reports,
  • Deal with requests for information promptly and effectively
  • Undertake ad hoc roles as requested in the broader interests of the committee

Members from currently underrepresented groups are particularly encouraged to apply

Number of volunteers required  8
Role specification


A copy of the role description can be found here.

How to apply

Candidates should complete an Application Form and submit this to the Professional Membership Team at theweldinginstitute@twi.co.uk by the 17th July 2022

A Guidance Note to assist applicants can be found here

Committee Members for the Membership, Education and Registration Committee

The Welding Institute is licensed by Engineering Council to assess candidates for professional registration, to accredit courses and approve qualifications. This work is undertaken by the Membership, Education and Registration Committee (MERC). MERC is also required to act as the Board of Examiners for international qualifications as defined by the International Institute of Welding (IIW) and European Welding Federation (EWF).  MERC reports to the Professional Board and acts on its behalf, setting out the requirements for Professional Membership, reporting on matters relating to education, training, qualifications and vocational standards for all grades.

All this work is done by our volunteer committee Members.


Members of the Membership, Education and Registration Committee oversee the Institutes work on professional membership, education and registration. Assessing and as appropriate, approving applications from our members.   Committee members have practical and significant work place experience in engineering, an understanding of the role and function of partner organisations e.g. Engineering Council, an understanding of the application, evaluation and auditing techniques in relation to professional development.

When and where MERC meets 4 times a year, currently online 

Members of the Membership, Education and Registration Committee will have….

  • Good verbal communication and interpersonal skills
  • Experience of coaching, mentoring, training and developing staff
  • Experience of contributing constructively to committee meetings
  • Ability to objectively and impartially represent The Institute’s aims and objectives
  • Ability to use and to have access to video conferencing and electronic document management technology.
  • A willingness to take the initiative as required
  • Understanding of the work of the Welding Institute’s committees and panels
No. volunteers


Role specification A copy of the role description can be found here.
How to apply

Expressions of interest should be made in writing (email) to the Professional Membership Team at theweldinginstitute@twi.co.uk by the 18th July 2022

Journal Correspondents: The new journal ‘Welding and Joining Matters’:

The Welding Institute is about to publish a new journal ‘Welding and Joining Matters’, which will be a lively and easily read journal covering all aspects of welding, joining, and fabrication as well as inspection and structural performance of all classes of materials and welded products.

It will have articles of interest for all personnel working in these industries. The focus is to provide content that will provide the reader with practical and industry-based knowledge. It will represent the technical interests of all our members and will be available as an electronic and hard copy publication.

The intent is to provide information and insight into the news, activities and interests of our members across the globe. We will have regular sections of the journal devoted to our Younger Members and to activities in the Branches and our overseas members.

In its first year Welding and Joining Matters will be published four times.  

Correspondents will feed material directly to the editor of Welding and Cutting Matters. The closing date for editorial content for each issue will be approximately two months before publication date.


We are looking for a Branch correspondent to bring together information from the branches and from overseas members and a Younger members correspondent. Their roles are to source, collect and collate information arising from these groups, their jobs and the industries represented and channel it to the journal’s editorial team for presentation in the journal. 

When and where In its first year Welding and Joining Matters will be published four times.      

Correspondents will feed material directly to the editor of Welding and Cutting Matters. The closing date for editorial content for each issue will be approximately two months before publication date.

No. volunteers

There are two roles:

The Branch correspondent.

The branch correspondent will liaise with each branch to solicit material for the journal reflecting the branch, its membership and activities. They will also be in contact with specific overseas members to reflect activities in their parts of the world. The branch correspondent will then pass the material to the editor (who will review for publication).

The Younger members’ correspondent.

The Younger members’ correspondent will be a contact point for the YM committee with the role of sourcing or generating material on the activities of the younger members and feeding this to the editor (who will review for publication).

Role specification A copy of the role description can be found here.
How to apply

If you are interested or if you wish to nominate someone who you know to be interested please send the offer or nomination to: theweldinginstitute@twi.co.uk

Professional Review Interviewers and Assessors

As professional members of the Institute, our volunteers support the career progression and registration of members under license to The Engineering Council.  Volunteers undertake interviews and desk top evaluations of candidates, ensuring that professional competence and high standards are maintained and where possible enhanced. These key functions are essential for the progression of engineers for the future as well as being fulfilling and rewarding roles for these volunteers.


Professional Review Interviews are conducted on behalf of The Welding Institute for candidates applying for CEng, IEng or EngTech registration with the Engineering Council. Interviews are currently carried out online are have previously be conducted in person. As part of the evaluation process for some candidates, virtual desktop assessments are carried out as part of the registration process. 

When and where Regular dates throughout the year currently online but also at TWI Middlesbrough and TWI Cambridge. Information on exact dates can be provided on request.       

You must be a Professional Member of The Welding Institute and must also hold Engineering Council registration in one of the grades listed above. Full training will be provided and regular refresher training will be required. All contributions as a PRI Interviewer and Virtual Panel Assessor will count towards your own Continued Professional Development (CPD). Reasonable expenses for mileage and refreshments will be covered as appropriate.

No. volunteers 4 
Role specification

The role description for Professional Review Interviewers can be found here.

The role description for Virtual Panel Assessors can be found here

How to apply Expressions of interest should be made in writing (email) to the Professional Membership Team at theweldinginstitute@twi.co.uk

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