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Applied Technology Award

In memory of Sir William Larke and Sir Charles Lillicrap.

The Applied Technology Award is awarded annually to the individual or team who has had most influence or impact upon the practical application of novel welding or joining knowledge or technology. It combines, from 2009, the Sir William J Larke Medal and the Sir Charles Lillicrap Medal.

The subject may be presented in a published academic or research paper but the nomination will be assessed on its practical application value and impact on welding and joining in real-world engineering. Engineering project applications may well be used to support nominations but it is essential that the technical content has been published to the benefit of the welding and joining community.

How to Apply:

We are not currently accepting nominations or applications.  

Previous Winners:

Yan Cui 2018
Stewart Williams 2017
N Bagshaw, D Clark, C Disney, S Lawler and H Longden 2016 
B Whitney 2015
M Russell, J Matwiejew, J P Martin and A Robelou 2014
J Bowers & E Warren 2013
Dr N A McPherson 2012
K Colligan 2009
Dr H Pisarski 2008

Prof. Yan Cui (Right) with Paul Tooms, Chair of Council 
Larke-Lillicrap Award Winner

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