Distinguished Service Award

Members and Branches of the Welding Institute are invited to make nominations for this award, which is offered in recognition of outstanding contributions to The Welding Institute on a national basis, as a result of which the position of the Institute has been significantly advanced.

How to Apply:

We are not currently accepting nominations or applications.  

Previous Winners:

William Lucas 
Ian Hogarth 2018
Paul Craddock, Owen Gorton, Paul Jordinson 2017
J Krancioch, D S Smith 2016
D J Howarth, Prof S A Jones 2015
D J Fell, J D French 2014
M C George, D Millar, J Tolaini 2014
H C Buckingham 2012 
E N Gregory 2009 
R Fenn, J A Marlow 2008 
T J Jessop 2006 
A J Rodgers, D N Shackleton 2005 
A T Price 2004


Paul Craddock (Top), Owen Gorton (middle) and Paul Jordinson (Bottom) 
Distinguished Service Award Winners

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