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  • 8 Apr 2024 9:30 AM | Anonymous

    Our Offshore Energy Technical Group will be hosting their second meeting of the year, from 12:00PM – 2:00PM (UK time) on 23 May 2024.

    The event, which is titled, ‘Wind Tower Generator Structures Fabrication Technologies and Quality,’ will be useful for those interested in current welding technology and fabrication standards for fabrication of heavy wall offshore structures for the offshore wind sector.

    Who Should Attend?

    The event should be of interest to anyone involved in design, fabrication and operation of offshore assets, with emphasis on windfarms, e.g. fabricators, designers, weld engineers, quality control personnel and windfarm developers.

    Speaker and Presentations:

    • Bart Theunissen, Manager Process Technology and Innovation, Sif - Practical Experience of Utilising Electron Beam Welding for Monopile Transition Piece Longitudinal Weld (Provisional)
    • Stephan Marre, Technical and Applications Director, Lincoln Electric - Improved Productivity Saw Process For Wind Turbine Towers
    • Declan Foley, Fabrication Quality Manager, SSER - Offshore Renewables Fabrication Standards
    • TBC, Lincoln Electric - Additive Manufacturing for Offshore Wind Industry
    • TBC, TWI Ltd - TBC

  • 22 Mar 2024 9:30 AM | Anonymous

    Our Offshore Energy/Pressure and Process Plant Technical Group will be hosting a webinar on 9 May 2024 at 9:00AM till 11:30AM (UK Time)

    During this event, ‘Approach to Inspection of Ageing Plant in Late Life and Life Extension Phases’, we will highlight and compare the way in which different industry sectors approach the management of inspection and integrity as the plant they are operating enters the late life phase and possibly beyond its original design life. Integrity management strategies operate under differing legislative regimes and constraints, as well as operational and financial.

    This event will detail how different industries modify and reassess their asset integrity management and maintenance strategies as a plant ages, including demonstrations of continuing fitness-for-service requirements for ageing plants.

    Who should attend?

    Integrity management, inspection and plant operations personnel interested in how different industrial sectors manage their approach to inspection, maintenance and engineering assessment in late life and life extension phases.

    Speakers and Presentation Titles:

    Matt Henderson, SSE Renewables – Integrity management within SSE’s offshore wind portfolio, and planning for life extension.

    Laura Scott, TAQA – TBC

    Speaker 3 – TBC

    Speaker 4 – TBC

    Discover more:

  • 18 Mar 2024 10:30 AM | Anonymous

    Neurodiversity Celebration Week is a worldwide plan that challenges stereotypes and misconceptions and celebrates different minds about neurological differences, whilst providing opportunities to recognise the talents and the positive aspects.

    Throughout the week there will be activities which everyone can get involved in, including inspirational speakers from a wide variety of backgrounds and professions. These speakers will focus on key neurodiversity topics and will aim to educate. All of these events are free of charge and anyone can access them.

    Siena Castellon, founder of Neurodiversity Celebration Week said “I founded Neurodiversity Celebration Week in 2018 because I wanted to change the way learning differences are perceived. As a teenager who is autistic and has ADHD, dyslexia and dyspraxia, my experience has been that people often focus on the challenges of neurological diversity. I wanted to change the narrative and create a balanced view which focuses equally on our talents and strengths.”

    What is Neurodiversity?

    Neurodiversity is the idea that neurological differences, such as autism, ADHA, dyslexia, and others, are natural variations of the human brain rather than disorders that need to be cured or fixed it. It emphasizes the value of embracing these differences and promoting acceptance, inclusion, and support for neurodiverse individuals in society.

    To get involved click here: Neurodiversity Celebration Week (

  • 6 Mar 2024 4:00 PM | Anonymous

    Our Welding and Joining Processes Technical Group will be hosting a webinar on 30 April 2024 at 12:30 PM till 2:00 PM (UK Time),

    During this event, ‘Back-to-Basics: A Brief Look at Preheat’, attendees will learn the reasons for, and the benefits of, applying the correct preheat to carbon and low alloy steels – and some of the consequences of NOT applying the correct preheat; where to obtain advice on recommended preheat levels and the advantages and disadvantages of the various preheating methods.

    Who should attend?

    Welders, welding foremen, welding apprentices, welding technologists/engineers and those just entering the welding industry.

    Speaker and Presentation:

    Gene Mathers, Welding Consultant – A Brief look at Preheat

  • 15 Feb 2024 9:30 AM | Anonymous

    Our Structure and Infrastructure Technical Group will be hosting a webinar on 27 March 2024 at 10:00 am (UK Time) till 12:00.

    During the event, ‘Welding for Refurbishment and Reused Steel,’ attendees will gain an understanding of the latest developments in the reuse of structural steel and the considerations to be taken into account when working with historic steel. They will get advice on what to look out for and steps that can be taken to mitigate some of the associated welding risks

    Who should attend?

    Designers, Construction Engineers, Fabrication Managers (all levels) and Site Supervisors.

    Speaker and Presentations:

    Roy Fishwick, Cleveland Steel and Tubes Ltd – Practicalities of Sourcing Steel for Reuse

    Tom Cosgrove, Sandberg LLP – Considerations for Welding Historic Steel

    David Brown, Steel Construction Institute – Reuse of Structural Steel

    Ashfaq Khokar, Sandberg LLP – Determination of Mechanical Properties and Weldability

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  • 5 Feb 2024 3:30 PM | Anonymous

    National Apprenticeship Week is taking place from Monday 5 February to Sunday 11 February. This is the 17th annual week-long celebration which brings together apprentices and businesses across the UK to show the positive impact that apprenticeships make to individuals, businesses and the wider economy.

    The theme for this year’s National Apprenticeship week is: Skills for life. This is to try and encourage everyone to think about how apprenticeships can help individuals to learn and adapt on skills and knowledge which is required for a rewarding career.

    Each day different events are being held across the UK, here is a rundown of all the events:

    Monday – Apprenticeships for all! This topic is to show everyone that apprenticeships are for all ages, sectors, levels and backgrounds. Apprenticeships develop people with the skills employers need and benefit within the economy it provides a rout into a successful and fulfilling career.

    Tuesday – Employer Tuesday. This is showcasing what makes a great employer and displays the range of apprenticeship which are available to everyone.

    Wednesday – Apprentice Wednesday. This is a chance for apprentices to explain their own experiences and stories, showing individuals what they can achieve by doing an apprenticeship.

    Thursday – T Level Thursday. This day will include everything there is to know about T Levels and how they work.

    Friday – Celebration Friday. This will showcase the talent, success and the accomplishments by apprentices in different industries around the UK where they will share stories, images and videos.

    Saturday and Sunday – The NAW Weekender. Plan an event and get involved over the weekend.

    Discover more

  • 2 Feb 2024 11:00 AM | Anonymous

    Any student enrolled on a course with the minimum equivalent length of one full academic year is eligible for free student associate membership of The Welding Institute. The free Associate Student grade is available for the duration of enrolment on your course, up to a maximum of 5 years.

    As part of your Membership with The Welding Institute, you will gain a multitude of benefits, such as becoming a part of a regional Branch, a reduced price for attending Institute Technical Group events, and access to our newly redesigned Digital Library. You will also be able to learn continuously with Professional Development opportunities and Training and Development courses, where The Welding Institute Members benefit from a 5% discount.

    The Younger Members’ Committee is the perfect place for young people in the engineering space that wish to meet peers in the same field, as well as those with similar interests to them. You can also investigate and monitor current job opportunities on the newly introduced Jobsite – a dedicated website for engineering, welding and allied technology-based job listings.

    These are just some of the benefits available to students, for free, with a Welding Institute Associate Student membership.

  • 30 Jan 2024 12:00 PM | Anonymous

    In this video our Professional Membership Officer, Ellie takes you through what you will gain by becoming a Member of The Welding Institute as well as what we offer to all our Members.

    By becoming a Member, individuals can access a wide range of benefits which we have created to best suit Members’ professional needs, helping individuals with their career, and meeting the needs of employers and clients, all whilst supporting Members to meet their own personal career goals.

    The benefits are:

    • Events
    • Technical Groups
    • Digital Library and Information Services
    • Jobsite
    • Branches
    • Professional Development
    • Young Members
    • TWI Technical Resources and Information
    • Training and Development
    •  IIW Membership
    •  The Welding and Joining Matters Journal
  • 18 Jan 2024 9:30 AM | Anonymous

    Sean Evans is the current Chair of the Young Members Committee, also known as the YMC, the Committee is a diverse group of people with the aim of sharing knowledge and encouraging careers in the industry. Sean lives in South Wales and works for EDF as part of their central technical organisation. His role is to assess both new and in-service pressure equipment to ensure they are safe, suitable and compliant to a specific code. However Sean’s job role beforehand was inspecting pressure equipment from a regulation perspective (as well as carrying out NDT), but he is relishing the technical challenges that are present in his new position.

    For those who don’t know can you explain what The Young Members’ Committee is and what it aims to do?

    ‘The Young Members Committee is a group of individuals who have a passion for welding/engineering and want to help share that passion with others in the industry. This is done through knowledge-sharing opportunities, helping with the recruitment of younger members and supporting the branch network of The Welding Institute. The term, ‘Young Members’ does not necessarily mean school age or graduate, but it means young in terms of career and within the industry.’

    What is your current job role/responsibilities within your job role at YMC?

    ‘I am the South Wales/South Western Branch Committee representative and recently became Chair of the YMC. My role within the YMC is to set the strategy, then implement thus with the help of other Committee Members.

    When did you join The Welding Institute?

    ‘I applied for an Associate Membership back in 2019, I then transferred my IEng as a full Member in 2021, gaining a CEng in January 2023.’

    Why did you join The Welding Institute?

    ‘I have been with a number of Institutes over the years but, when I was completing my MSc, I had the option to apply for an Associate Membership with The Welding Institute. It was then that I realised how much expertise and interesting areas that The Welding Institute covers – from welding to fracture, and materials science to NDT. The constant drip of technical information from webinars was particularly interesting and something I would like to expand on with the YMC.’

    Why did you choose a career in engineering?

    ‘It was actually an accident. As with most young people at the time, I was encouraged to go to university straight after school. This led me to start a Forensic Science degree, which I left after a year. I then fell into the world of engineering and something clicked. I looked for a way to gain qualifications whilst working and found an advanced apprenticeship in the steel industry. My passion for engineering has never stopped and will continue for many more years.’

    What has been the most valuable lesson from being part of the YMC?

    ‘It’s the Members that make it work – without everyone contributing, the YMC wouldn’t exist. There is so much knowledge within the membership.

    What has been your favourite memory from being part of the YMC?

    ‘Certainly the most recent favourite has to be attending the 100th Anniversary. Meeting a number of previous Chairs who gave an insight, but also brought a lot of humour too! I am hoping to arrange something for the YMC going forward to bring us all together (whether in-person or virtually).

    What motivated you to become Chair?

    ‘I have been fortunate that, over the years, I’ve always spoken up to make my voice and opinions heard – but also there have been people to help steer me and my career to where I wanted it to go. That’s what I want to do as Chair of the YMC; share my own experience and knowledge, motivate and promote collaboration within the YMC and beyond.’

    What advice would you give to your younger self?

    ‘One bit of advice I would give is to get involved in as many extra-curricular things as possible – you will be surprised how many valuable skills and lessons you will pick up, as well as the willingness of people who want to help each other succeed.'

  • 16 Jan 2024 2:00 PM | Anonymous

    A Refresher on High Strength Steels and Modern Systems of Welding Data Collection Monitoring

    Our Materials Technical Group will be hosting an in person event on 29 February 2024 at 9:30 AM – 17:00PM. The event will be hosted at ESAB/GCE Empress Works, Penny Lane, Saint Helens, WA11 9DB.

    The event, which is titled, ‘A Refresher on High Strength Steels and Modern Systems of Welding Data Collection Monitoring.’

    Who should attend?

    Welding Engineers, Production personnel, Inspection and QC personnel, Welding Metallurgists working in Structural, Offshore and Process industries. The event will also be of interest to Engineering students, Welding Technicians and Industrial Project personnel.

    What will you learn?

    The presentations on High Strength Steels (HSS) will be about their manufacture, properties and weldability, the development of ultra-high strength filler metals, case studies covering issues in the use of HHS and examples of their application. You will see the ESAB Process Centre and see state-of-the-art welding equipment systems and learn about advances in weld monitoring and control software.   

    Speakers and Presentation Titles:

    Tom Cosgrove – The use of High Strength Steels for Structures 

    Dr Vahid Hosseini – Filler Metal Development for 1100 MPa Yield Strength Steel

    Neil Perry – Design and Application of High Strength Steels up to grade s690, based on Project Experience – A Structural Engineer’s Viewpoint.

    Alan Denny – Centreline Cracking in High Strength Structural Steel

    Hugo Costa – Introduction to the INDUSUITE Cloud-based Digital Solution Suite

    Peter Ankers – Live Welding, Real-time Data Collection and INDUSUITE Applications Demonstration

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