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  • 11 Feb 2020 11:30 AM | Anonymous

    The Welding Institute would like to congratulate the finalists and medal winners of the WorldSkills UK National finals at the NEC. 

    The 2019 WorldSkills was an outstanding success, with over 88,000 students attending the event, taking the opportunity to meet and interact with different businesses, career guidance stands and industry experts. The Welding Institute is also proud to be able to support SkillsWeld to promote careers in welding and engineering and showing young people the real impact that they can have on society through their work.

    The Institute would like to commend the medal winners of the Construction MetalWork and Welding competitions for their success in getting to the finals and to acknowledge all the help and support given by their colleges and employers.

    Construction MetalWork:

    • Joe Mason (Gold), Dudley College, West Midlands 
    • Kieran McShane (Silver), Burnley College, North West 
    • Balveen Nota (Bronze), Dudley College, West Midlands 
    • Sam Carter (Bronze), Burnley College, North West 
    • Aydan Whatling (Highly Commended), Pembrokeshire College, Wales


    • Curtis Rees (Gold), NPTC Group, Wales 
    • Morgan Roberts (Silver), Lakes College, West Cumbria, North West 
    • David Duncan (Bronze), Coleg Cambria, Wales 
    • Danny Hills (Highly Commended), Lakes College, West Cumbria, North West  

    The WorldSkills competition is an excellent opportunity for young people to get into careers that inspire them through enabling them to demonstrate their skills in a new environment. One of the most significant opportunities of this competition is the reality that successful competitors may have the chance to attend the 2021 international final in Shanghai.

    We hope a new generation of engineers are inspired to look to engineering as a career.

  • 10 Feb 2020 5:39 PM | Anonymous

    This article is honouring Lord John Fleetwood Baker, who was the first ever winner of the Outstanding Contribution Award. He was a civil engineer who is arguably responsible for the lives of many today through the work that he carried out during his engineering career. 

    One of the main projects that Lord John Baker is commemorated for was his invention of the Morrison Shelter, produced and introduced in March 1941. 

    Lord John Baker used the properties of steel to demonstrate that plastic deformation absorbs more energy than elastic deformation. He put his findings to use by constructing a shelter to protect individuals from building collapse during air raids in the Second World War.

    The shelter was constructed from materials that were available at the time, due to the demand for materials for the war effort, which were mainly steel and wood. It was constructed to fit a family of up to three people. 

    As a civil engineer, Lord John Baker considered the practicality of the shelter as well as its safety. This involved making the shelter multipurpose so that it could fit into small city houses. The shelter doubled as a dining room table with the sides of the structure folding under, making it a normal item of furniture in people’s homes. The structure became the preferred form of protection due to it being within the comfort of peoples’ own homes.

    The structure proved to be considerably successful when only three out of 136 people occupying Morrison Shelters died during a bombing raid affecting 44 houses. The three casualties were from the building directly hit by the bomb, therefore supporting Lord Baker’s argument that the structures could survive most bomb related impacts except a direct hit. 

    The second life achievement that The Institute commends Lord Baker for is for his contribution towards the training of engineers. 

    Lord Baker initially influenced the way engineering was taught by introducing ‘The Advanced Course in Production Methods and Management,’ formerly known as the Reddaway Scheme.

    The course was considered unconventional by most but offered a true insight into the engineering industry. Those enrolled needed to be sponsored by a company and there were no formal exams or qualifications. The course was 52 weeks long and students gained a real hands on experience of the engineering industry, spending most of their time onsite in factories, where they were expected to report any engineering problems they discovered to the factory management. 

    Lord John Baker won the outstanding personal contribution award due to the number of lives he potentially saved through his work and The Institute hopes that this inspires others to apply for the award.

    Click here to apply for the Outstanding Contribution Award.

  • 10 Feb 2020 5:38 PM | Anonymous

    About Gabriela Gallegos

    Gabriela Gallegos CEng, MWeldI is a Member Chartered Engineer of The Welding Institute. She works for TWI and has been a Research Fellow at London South Bank Innovation Centre since 2017.

    She studied for her two Bachelor’s degrees and her Masters’ degree in Mexico and then carried out her PhD in France. 


    Gabriela spent five years working as a manager for a technology department in France and has now worked for TWI for three years. Her role at TWI is as a project manager, specialising in robotics and automation and she has ambitions to become a senior project leader.


    Initially, Gabriela didn’t apply for Professional Registration when she started working for TWI, but her involvement with the Tipper Group encouraged her to gain professional registration and Chartered Engineer status, due to its global recognition. After a year of working at TWI, Gabriela decided to professionally register with The Welding Institute and, due to her experience and qualifications, she registered as a Member.

    During the registration process, she was assigned someone that helped her with the application process, over a 6 month period.

    One of the main membership benefits that Gabriela referenced was the Continuous Professional Development process that she carries out, using our online ‘mycareerpath’ tool, to keep track of her continuous professional development. Carrying out CPD has enabled her to continually learn without returning to the classroom.

    Another Member benefit that Gabriela noted as being a positive contributor to her progression is the opportunity to network. Networking opportunities for Gabriela were not simply the opportunity to meet people at Technical Group Meetings and Events, but also the opportunity, during CPD, to work with peers through peer assessment.

    Being both a Member of the Welding Institute and an employee of TWI has enabled Gabriela to progress her career through leadership training. 

    What are the benefits of Professional Registration?

    Gabriela recommends professional registration to all engineers and advises less experienced engineers to consider professional registration due to the opportunities it offers. Gabriela explained that, due to her being a Chartered Engineer, she is able to mentor others, which is something that is important to her, due to her not having that guidance at the beginning of her own career. 

    Gabriela says that her Membership status, combined with her Chartered Engineer status, has enabled her to further her career progression due to the recognised prestige and status that these titles hold. Gabriela also highlights the significance of her gaining Chartered Engineer status in order to gain global recognition and believes that it was the right choice for her due to many employers making the Chartered Engineer status mandatory for employees.

    Gabriela Gallegos is an inspiring example of an Engineer that we, as an Institution, hope encourages anyone else considering professional registration to see the real benefits that it holds.

  • 10 Feb 2020 5:28 PM | Anonymous

    Chris Wiseman will be representing The Welding Institute at the North Scottish Branch Annual Dinner at the Aberdeen Altens Hotel on Friday the 15th November, 2019.

    Chris Wiseman is the Corporate Sector Manager at TWI Ltd, for both Aerospace and Equipment, Consumables and Materials Industries. Chris works closely with TWI Industrial Members in India and has a specific geographic responsibility for TWI’s global growth ambitions there.

    Chris has a technical background as a Materials Scientist, having worked closely with a global Aluminium producer. He has significantly contributed to multiple technology areas including, corrosion prevention, thermo-mechanical forming, plant process optimisation, novel test methods, joining and surface treatment. 

    His current role focuses on developing technical and commercial opportunities for TWI and its Industrial Members globally.

    The Welding Institute will be donating to ‘Kayleighs Wee Stars,’ a local children’s charity that provides support to the families of children that are diagnosed with terminal illness, to make the most of the precious time that they have left.

    The Welding Institute would like to thank all of the sponsors for their continued support and for making the Annual North Scottish Branch Dinner possible.

  • 10 Feb 2020 5:26 PM | Anonymous

    Tomorrows Engineers Week is taking place 4-8 November 2019 and The Welding Institute is proud to support this seventh annual event to encourage young people to get into engineering careers.

    Tomorrows Engineers Week will be providing outreach programmes to schools across the UK to promote the engineering industry to students. It gives industry experts, employers, schools and universities the opportunity to demonstrate the work engineers are doing to improve the Nation’s health and well-being.

    The ‘Big Assembly’ will be taking place on the 6th of November, where 50,000 students will participate in the same assembly at the same time. The ‘Big Assembly’ will include inspirational engineers discussing how their work helps to improve people’s health and wellbeing by protecting the environment.

    Tomorrows Engineers Week has been created and delivered by EngineeringUK and the Royal Academy of Engineering to inspire a younger generation of engineers to see beyond the stereotypes of the engineering industry and to understand how they can make a true difference to society through an engineering career.

    The Welding Institute recognises the importance of events such as Tomorrows Engineers Week due to the significant demand for more engineers. It has been estimated that over 2.65 million engineering jobs will need to be filled in the UK by the year 2024, this equates to a shortfall of 59,000 engineers per year.

    Tomorrows Engineers Week is working to inspire young people to view engineering more positively, as an inclusive and vital industry for their future.

    To get involved or find out more information about Tomorrows Engineers Week, please visit

  • 10 Feb 2020 5:04 PM | Anonymous

    The Welding Institute are pleased to announce that three TWI experts will be

     speaking at upcoming Branch events this November.

    Branch events are an excellent benefit for Members of The Welding Institute, organised by dedicated volunteers. They offer an insight into industry knowledge through the perspective of experienced individuals. The topics are chosen to be relevant to current and future materials and joining issues and are an excellent opportunity to develop your Cont

    The topic of TWI Software will be covered at the North Western Branch by Andy Brightmore, a Software Business Developer at TWI Ltd, discussing information about the latest TWI software.inuous Personal Development (CPD).

    Yin Jin Janin, a Senior Project Leader at TWI will be delivering a talk, at our Eastern Counties Branch, on Engineering Critical Assessment and their Use, providing details about critical assessments in the engineering industry along with the uses of this process.

    Steven Cater AWeldI, Principal Project Leader at TWI Technology Centre Yorkshire, will be speaking on the topic FSWBot – Friction Stir Welding Crawler for Internal Repair and Refurbishment of Pipelines at our North Scottish Branch.

    To enrol please select the relevant event: 

    Please contact for further information.

  • 10 Feb 2020 5:01 PM | Anonymous

    David George Dargie MWeldI has received a Loyal Service Award from The Welding Institute. David was nominated by the Highlands and Islands Branch for his continuous work towards the formation and development of the branch, which is one of the newest Welding Institute branches.

    David Dargie joined The Welding Institute on the 10th of April 1990 and was made the Honorary Secretary of the new branch on the 8th September 2011 and has remained the Secretary for the following 7 years. 

    David arranged a number of local meetings and events which subsequently, due to his hard work, led to the formation of the Highlands and Islands branch. 

    Aside from being the Secretary of the Highlands and Islands branch, David also works as a full time self-employed fabrication inspector for major offshore installation contractors. His ongoing efforts and support have undoubtedly been a significant supporting factor in the continuous growth and success of the branch.

    David Dargie (to the right of the image) is pictured celebrating his award with Highlands and Islands Branch Members in Inverness.

  • 10 Feb 2020 4:56 PM | Anonymous

    Nominations are now being accepted for The Welding Institute’s 2020 awards.

    The Continuous Learning and Development Award recognises outstanding individuals who have undertaken significant educational journeys in parallel to their welding career. The award will place focus on individuals who have successfully combined practical workplace skills with traditional learning and academic achievement to the benefit of both themselves and their employer.

    The Award is sponsored by Professor Steven Jones, Chief Technical Operating Officer at the Nuclear AMRC, Sheffield and Vice-Chair of the Welding Institute’s Professional Board. Professor Jones recollected his non-traditional route to obtain academic qualifications through external self-financed private study and hopes to inspire others to pursue their own ambitions.

    The Continuous Learning and Development Award has been created to commend an individual who has demonstrated their own non-traditional route to achieve success. Any successful welder who has applied passion with a willingness to learn and try new things should apply for this award.

    In recognition of the efforts and personal sacrifices made by an individual during the process of acquiring and applying the knowledge that they have gained, the Continuous Learning and Development Award features a £500 cash prize.

    Last year's winner, John Whittaker

    The Continuous Learning and Development Award was introduced in 2018 and was won by Mike Skyrme of BAE Systems (Marine), who demonstrated the challenges and demands of balancing a highly responsible job, extensive study and a family life. Last year’s award was taken home by John Whittaker of Lundy Projects, who has undertaken research into laser hybrid welding at Fronius in Austria and given technical lectures on Laser Hybrid Welding, Robotic Welding Cells and Liquid Metal Assisted Cracking.

    To be considered for the award, you will need to be able to provide evidence of your learning and how your learning has been applied successfully.

    (Last year's winner, John Whittaker pictured to the right)

  • 10 Feb 2020 4:53 PM | Anonymous

    The Richard Dolby – Rolls-Royce Prize is a prestigious biennially awarded prize sponsored by Rolls-Royce plc with the applications and nominations closing date on November 15th. The award is presented by The Welding Institutes Younger Members Committee to any young person (under 35 years of age) that can demonstrate success in, and enthusiasm for welding, joining and/or materials engineering at the early stage of their career and the award is not restricted to Welding Institute Members exclusively.

    A cash prize of £1000 will be awarded to the winner and the top three runners up in the competition will be awarded a £100 Amazon gift voucher in recognition of their commitment to the competition.

    The competition will be judged with the main part of the application will be a technical report (of no more than four A4 pages) on a subject related to welding, joining and/or materials engineering. If short-listed for the final, the candidate will then give a 20 minute presentation based on their project in front of a judging panel at TWI, when the winner will be selected.   The winner selected by the panel will be invited to attend an awards presentation where they will receive their prize, and may also be invited to repeat their presentation at a subsequent TWI event.

    To apply, please click here.

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