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Develop your engineering knowledge and keep up with industry innovations and trends through our global events...

We offer a range of CPD qualifying webinars, conferences, seminars and workshops covering a wide variety of welding and joining related topics which reflect current technology, best practice and innovation in the joining community. These include:

Technical Group Events

Our Technical Groups extend across different industries including Structures and Infrastructure, Welding and Joining Processes, Materials, Offshore Energy, Pressure and Process Plant, Structural Integrity, Polymers and Composites and NDT and Condition Monitoring.

They each organise a programme of webinars and events designed to explore the latest interests and needs of industry.

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Recently Launched: Back-to-Basics Events

Our Technical Groups recently launched their 'Back-to-Basics' event series exploring the core and basic engineering principles relevant to their specific industry. They provide insight and an appreciation for core engineering principles, delivered by industry recognised experts.

Branch Events

The Welding Institute has a network of Branches, each managed by a dedicated team of volunteer Members, organising and running a programme of events that aim to explore the current and future materials and joining needs and issues of industry. They provide Members with invaluable opportunities to build their professional and social networks, offering support outside of the work environment.

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Global Events

This event series is dedicated in supporting our Members and their professional development.

Webinar Recording and Presentation Archive

Members can also catch-up with events through our webinar archive where we store some of the online events hosted.

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