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Structures and Infrastructure Technical Group (TG1)

  • Inspection and Testing Requirements for Building and Bridge Works in the UK
  • Back-to-Basics: Welding of Reinforcing Bars - Materials, Methods and Pitfalls
  • The Use of High Strength Steels for Structures
  • Recent Advancement in Welding Processes and Weld Monitoring
  • Weld Quality
  • Normal Advances in Additive Manufacturing
  • Laser Welding in Manufacturing
  • Structural Steel Fabrication in accordance with the latest EN Standard BS EN 1090-2 2018
  • Welding in the Railway Industry
  • Structural Steelwork – Specifying the Future
  • Fabrication Quality: Meeting Expectations?

Welding and Joining Technical Group (TG2)

  • Back-to-Basics: MIG/MAG welding
  • Quality Requirements for Nuclear New Build
  • Structural Integrity, Inspection and the Repair of Pipes and Other Pressure Components
  • Development in Welding Processes
  • High Integrity Welding Processes in the Nuclear Industry
  • Welding of High Temperature Plant - Part 1
  • Welding of High Temperature Plant - Part 2
  • In Person: SMRs/AMRs – Manufacturing the Nuclear Future
  • Back-to-Basics: Submerged Arc Welding

Materials Technical Group (TG3)

  • Materials issues in the power sector
  • Welding and materials challenges for subsea equipment
  • Welding defects and metallurgical issues
  • Metallurgical impact of minor elements in steel welds
  • Dissimilar metal welding
  • Weld Cracking - Mechanisms and Mitigation
  • Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys - Metallurgy, Properties, Fabrication and Applications

Offshore Energy Technical Group (TG4)

  • Advances in Offshore Pipeline Repair
  • Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection in the Offshore Energy Industry
  • Alloy Materials in Offshore Testing Challenges
  • Metallurgical requirements for the safe operation of pipework
  • Welding and materials challenges for subsea equipment
  • Structural integrity and performance of wind turbine blades (onshore and offshore)

Pressure and Process Plant Technical Group (TG5)

  • Welding and Related Standards and their Application in Pressure Equipment
  • Additive Manufacturing and Artificial Intelligence in pressure and process plant,
  • Wind Energy ‐ Challenges in integrity management
  • Welding Engineering Excellence
  • Welding of Pipe Work for SOUR Service
  • Structural Integrity, Inspection and the repair of pipes and other pressure components
  • Quality Requirements for Nuclear New Build
  • Process pipe foundation and NDT
  • Nuclear new build in the UK
  • Standards for Piping

Structural Integrity Technical Group (TG6)

  • Back-to-Basics: Engineering Critical Assessment
  • Probabilistic aspects of structural integrity defect assessments
  • Finite Elements in Fracture Mechanics and flaw assessments
  • Sour Gas Corrosion Fatigue
  • Optimising inspection techniques for weld flaw assessments, 11th Oct, Abington.
  • Constraint Effects in Fracture
  • Latest Developments in Fitness for Service Procedures in BS7910, R6, and ASME/API579
  • Weld Flaw Acceptance Criteria for New Pipelines

Polymers and Composites Technical Group (TG7) 

  • Challenges to Joining Non-metallics in the Oil and Gas Industry
  • An Introduction to Composites – Materials, Applications and Challenges
  • Polymers and Composites in Oil and Gas and Energy Transition Applications
  • Back-to-Basics: Polymer and Composite Testing

NDT and Condition Monitoring Technical Group (TG8)

  • Back-to-Basics: Effect of joint design on NDT Effectiveness
  • Application and NDT Ultrasonic Imaging
  • Finite Elements in Fracture Mechanics and Flaw Assessments
  • Enhancing the Inspection Process using Advanced NDT Methods
  • Fabrication Quality: Meeting Expectations?

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