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We aim to support and promote a standard of excellence in welding, joining and fabrication. 

This will be achieved by providing current and progressive knowledge of practises from around the world to the trainers and educators of our future engineers.

We believe that by encouraging the development of knowledge in our educators, we not only promote advancement in new ideas but also encourage lifelong learning in their students and future generations.  

Why join the AWFTE?

AWFTE is a membership association specifically for welder training and fabrication professionals in the education and training sector.  The AWFTE enables management and staff of colleges and training establishments to keep abreast of current national, European and international trends and developments relevant to the sector. 

AWFTE members are offered complementary Associate AWeldI membership of The Welding Institute which will assist with the continuing professional development of all AWFTE members

AWFTE members are informed about the latest information on national, European and international matters affecting their work and provides a forum for discussion where appropriate.

Members are given the opportunity to participate in projects such as the development of the National Welder Training Standard and the preparation of occupational standards, enabling members to make a collective input to these activities and influence the outcome

Members will be informed the latest information about standards, technical innovations, national occupational standards and qualifications, and skills competitions

Members are able to develop valuable links to key organisations including DfES, DfWP, Sector Skills Councils, QCA/SQA and HSE, plus all the Awarding Bodies associated with welding.

To request an AWFTE membership application form please contact us.

To find out about upcoming AWFTE events, or any of the other events open to our Associate members please see our Events page

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