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European Harmonised Training for Personnel working with Car Body Repair Technology (CarBoRep)

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The European autobody repair industry is an important economic branch in Europe, with over 200,000 working professionals and 50,000 companies, mainly SMEs. With continuous innovation in car design, the body repair sector is in constant need of training and education for new skills and expertise. Where welding was the most common joining technique for autobody parts, latest cars now have a combination of welded, adhesive bonded and mechanically fastened joints, and an increasing complexity of materials. These new techniques in car manufacturing demand additional competence in autobody repair personnel. 

The driver for the CarBoRep Erasmus+ Project is the lack of specific education and training schemes for personnel working in car body repair. Having a high-quality curriculum, featuring state of the art technologies and processes used in car body repair is of paramount importance, to maintain cost-effectiveness of car body repair and to assure continued vehicle integrity. 

Objectives of CarBoRep:

•Develop a harmonised training solution for the personnel working in the car body repair sector.

•Create a professional car body repair technician profile that covers a specific market need. 

•Support the creation of a harmonised training guideline featuring a modular curriculum built with Learning Outcomes, an assessment scheme for trainees and training materials in 3 languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese).

Benefits of CarBoRep:

•Deliver a harmonised standard of qualification in the car body repair sector, aligned with the requirements of the industry, to promote mobility of specialists in Europe; 

•Create a qualification programme for car body repair personnel and enhance the integration and exploitation of these offers to countries with lower engagement and access to such offers.

More information about CarBoRep can be found on its web-page:

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