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Australian Members of The Welding Institute formed an informal network in April 2022 to assist and support The Welding Institute Members based in Australia to access information via webinars, share expertise, and provide a focal point. The Australian Branch of The Welding Institute was formally recognised and approved by The Welding Institute in the UK in April 2023. Our current working group includes Members representing most states; we hope to cover all states and territories in the future, as well as New Zealand Members.

Australia represents one of the greatest number of overseas Members of The Welding Institute. Due to the time differences between the UK and Australia, Australian Members may be unable to attend Welding Institute webinars, or are unsure how to access The Welding Institute welding knowledge or contact The Welding Institute representatives. It is important to provide a focal point for our Welding Institute membership base in Australia.

The Australian Branch of The Welding Institute current objectives are:

  • Network online and continue to grow our Australian branch
  • Deliver online technical presentations to Australian Members of The Welding Institute and guests
  • Provide a focal point for Australian Members of The Welding Institute

The planned future objectives:

  • Provide subject matter expertise to Australian Members of The Welding Institute
  • Promote membership, training, and provide The Welding Institute UK contacts for career development
  • Support our younger generation with career, training, and employment opportunities
  • Promote The Welding Institute volunteer resources in Australia, facilitating face-to-face professional review and membership interviews


The Australian Branch of The Welding Institute currently delivers online webinars on a bi-monthly basis, presenting welding topics of interest. Topics are proposed by the branch committee, approved and presented. Australian Members of The Welding Institute subject suggestions are considered for webinar presentations. The Australian Members of The Welding Institute have completed a survey with respondents providing preferred webinar topics.

Upcoming events

Committees and Officers

Region Position Name
Australia  Chair

Mr Chris Cobain MWeldI CEng 

Australia Vice Chair Mr Phil Stubbington SenMWeldI CEng 
Australia  Secretary/Programme SecretaryMr  Andy Devlin TechWeldI EngTech
Australia  Treasurer


Australia Webmaster and Comms

Mr Dean Terry MWeldI IEng

Australia  Membership Officers

Messrs Chris Cobain, Phil Stubbington

Australia  Branch Management Committee Rep 


AustraliaJournal CorrespondentMr Chris Cobain

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