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Professional Development is often categorised as 'initial' or 'continuing'. 

Initial Professional Development (IPD) is when aspiring professionals learn to apply knowledge and understanding, develop skills and competence, and begin to apply professional judgement. Through it they become able to demonstrate the necessary competence and commitment to become professionally qualified with the Engineering Council. 

Many people carry out their IPD through structured programmes such as an apprenticeship or a graduate training scheme.  This means that the objectives of the programmes have been judged to be aligned with the standards for professional qualification and that individuals' development is recorded. 

However, many people undertake their IPD outside formally structured programmes. Anyone in this position should contact us for advice and guidance about the sort of development records they should keep.

Where to begin...

The Welding Institute offers its members access to an online recording tool 'mycareerpath'. This option allows you not only to plan and structure your IPD, but upload supporting documents and have your plans sent for review. 

Once you are a Member of the Institute, you will be able to access this online CPD planner via the Members' Portal as well as obtain further guidance from the Professional Membership Office.

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