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Life-long learning through professional development...

Professional development (PD) is a learning process aimed at continuous improvement and growth. It is taking on the responsibility for your own life-long learning which will be of benefit to you and your employer. It will help with development of your personal qualities as well as broadening your knowledge and skills.

All our members are encouraged to take a structured approach to professional development. For example, for Associate Members this could facilitate progression to full Professional Membership.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Code

Members who are also registrants with Engineering Council, have made a commitment to abide by the CPD Code as outlined below:

    1. Take ownership of their learning and development needs, and develop a plan to indicate how they might meet these, in discussion with their employer, as appropriate.
    2. Undertake a variety of development activities, both in accordance with this plan and in response to other opportunities which may arise.
    3. Record their CPD activities.
    4. Reflect upon what they have learned or achieved through their CPD activities and record these reflections.
    5. Evaluate their CPD activities against any objectives which they have set and record this evaluation.
    6. Review their learning and development plan regularly following reflection and assessment of future needs.
    7. Support the learning and development of others through activities such as mentoring, and sharing professional expertise and knowledge

Please note: The reporting of CPD is becoming mandatory, its benefits have always been essential. Don't think about "doing CPD" because you have to. Do CPD to prove to your peers and colleagues that you maintain your professional competence. 

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