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Hany Elmantawy, Engineering and Projects Advisor, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC Offshore). Developing his competence, skills and knowledge is important for Engineering and Projects Advisor Hany Elmantawy. Spending the last few years working for the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC Offshore) has seen Hany involved in projects for a variety of clients working in the oil and gas industry around the world. His experience has seen him work on projects worth over £1.5 billion ($2 billion) since gaining his Bachelor of Sciences (BSc) in Mechanical Engineering from Egypt’s Alexandria University in 1996. 

Overseeing inspection team performance and activities while coordinating the projects and the quality control aspects is just one part of Hany’s role at ADNOC Offshore, as he also trains and coaches employees in a company with more than 1,000 staff.

Of course, to be an effective and respected supervisor, Hany needs to stay up-to-date with the latest codes, standards and industry knowledge. This has seen him attain an array of professional credentials, including his TWI CSWIP Welding QC Coordinator Certification, and more recently an MBA from the University of Northampton.

While Hany has achieved a considerable amount of credentials, he revealed that he had wanted to achieve IEng status since graduating from university, noting that, ‘IEng is internationally recognised and valued by companies, highlighting my experience, skills and commitment. It demonstrates that, as an individual, I have not only achieved a high level of competence in technical areas, but also in areas such as management, communication and career sustainability. It is a testament to my positive attitude and drive to succeed within the engineering profession, both well regarded attributes. Additionally, it shows that I work safely in a way that contributes to sustainable development and that I have committed to complying with codes of conduct.’

Taking the individual route to achieving his IEng with the support of his employer, Hany explained how his professional registration helped close the gap between his academic and professional goals. He explained, ‘As part of my career progression I found out that I had to create my own development matrix, divided to two main sectors working in parallel (Academic and Professional) towards three main goals (Engineering career, quality job description and management). In this matrix, as part of my engineering career goals, I had already achieved BSc academic studies in Mechanical Engineering. But, to move forward, I found that achieving IEng would close the gap on the missing professional part.’

Hany feels that his career has benefitted from becoming an Incorporated Engineer, as ‘Becoming a Member of The Welding Institute (MWeldI) and registered as an IEng with the Engineering Council allows plentiful opportunities for continued professional development to enhance my competences, knowledge and skills base even further.’

Indeed, Hany recommends that others follow his example and go ahead with attaining a professional registration as an IEng, saying, ‘Becoming an Incorporated Engineer (IEng) guarantees you worldwide professional recognition and the opportunity to work anywhere in the world. It provides a measure of your skills and professionalism in the engineering industry as well as showing your dedication to personal development.’

Of course, professional registration also has benefits for Hany’s employer. ‘I strongly believe that professional registration benefits the employer as it provides them with confidence that their employees are competent, have experience which has been assessed, reviewed and awarded by international bodies as well as academic ability.’ He said. ‘I am always looking for relevant training to increase my effectiveness in my role and to keep up to date in the field of my career.’

However, Hany told us that he is not yet finished with his career goals, revealing that, ‘professionally, I have put CEng as my next goal before the end of 2018. Academically, I am looking towards achieving a doctorate level before end of 2021. This will help me further enhance my professional expertise up to the top knowledge/experience level.’

We wish Hany all the best with his career progression, and expect he will approach his next goals with the same dedication that has seen him rise to where he is now.

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