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Careers in Welding 

There are many routes you can take to achieve a career in welding and welding engineering. There are a myriad of qualifications, apprenticeships and training opportunities available to those with an interest in welding.

For more information on welding and welding engineering and what its all about please click here to download our helpful guide.

For school leavers there are two primary routes you can take into welding.

1. An apprenticeship - a list of available apprenticeships in your area can be found on the Governments apprenticeship website. 

The Welding Institute is also a major contributor to the Welding Trailblazers Apprenticeship scheme.

2. A university degree - although there are no specific undergraduate courses specialising in welding, we would recommend participating in a materials science discipline.

The Engineering Council has a list of all the engineering related subjects that are accredited for registration here.

For those who have already started their career and wish to gain further qualifications or to progress their career, there are the following:

1. IIW/EWF diploma which is available from TWI

2. Masters Degree in Welding from Cranfield University

3. Open University which allows for long distance and part time study

4. Awarding Bodies offer a range of full and part time qualifications

5. Membership of The Welding Institute and Registration with the Engineering Council

For those unsure of what to do in order to achieve their career aspirations, The Welding Institute is on hand to offer advice or assistance.   Please contact us.

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