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Welding and Joining for the Modern Automotive Industry

  • 15 Nov 2022
  • 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM
  • Online (Zoom)
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Technical Group Webinar


Experts from industry will be presenting on some of the latest developments in welding processes and power sources, quality improvements in spot welding, additive manufacture of bespoke components in a variety of materials and the use of composite materials in automotive applications.

How these developments may be used to improve vehicle design, quality and productivity will be discussed.

Who should attend?

Designers, production engineers, welding engineers and anyone interested in how improvements and developments in materials, joining processes and computer technology are affecting the automotive sector.

Most of the topics will also be of interest to those in the aerospace industry.

Experts from industry and TWI Ltd will be presenting on a range of topics:

  • How Joining Technology Innovation is Enabling the Electric Vehicle Revolution by Sullivan Smith, Consultant, TWI Ltd

  • Laser Seam Stepper LSS- 5M System by Ralf Raimann, Sales LSS System, IPG Laser GmbH

  • Smart Dressing and Weld Expulsion Reduction for Resistance Welding by Mark Verney, Joining Technician,  BMW Group Mini Oxford

  • Automotive Structures Based on iStream Technology by Andy Smith, Director – R&D, Gordon Murray Designs

  • Low Heat Input MIG/MAG Welding Processes by Paul Conquest, Application Engineer, Fronius UK

  • Additive Manufacture Inspired Opportunities for Welding and Joining Developments in the Automotive Sector by Professor Stewart Williams, Centre Director, Cranfield University


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  • Non-members: £95 + VAT (£114)
  • Retired Members: £25 + VAT (£30)
  • Students: £25 + VAT (£30)
  • TWI Training School Customers: £70 + VAT (£84)

TWI Staff - please contact Bethaney Butcher if you wish to register.

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If you can't join us on the day, you can still access the recording of the webinar and the presentations by registering ahead of the event.*

*presentation dissemination is dependent on presenter consent.


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You will also benefit from:

  • Information transfer from experts
  • Discussion, questions and answers on the specific topics
  • A broader understanding of the extent of standards in the industry
  • Attendance of this event qualifies for CPD 


The Welding Institute awards points towards CPD for delegates attending this webinar. Every hour attendance of an event will earn 2 points towards your continuing professional development.

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Sullivan Smith

Presentation title: How joining technology innovation is enabling the electric vehicle revolution

Sullivan Smith joined TWI Ltd in 2011 where he holds the position of Automotive Programme Manager. Prior to that he was employed by Tata Steel from 1998 through to 2011, working in resistance welding R&D and support for the automotive industry.

Sullivan’s specialization is in resistance welding and mechanical fastening processes. His main tasks have been to provide technical support to the European automotive and general manufacturing sectors. In recent years Sullivan has worked on the joining of dissimilar metal alloys and metal to composite joining, and the joining of electrical connections for EV applications. He is also the UK expert on the ISO standard committees for resistance welding and mechanical fastening.

Ralf Raimann

Presentation title: Laser Seam Stepper LSS - 5M System

Ralf has over 20 years' experience in laser with robotic automation systems and has worked at IPG since 2019. He will demonstrate the possibilities and benefits of the LSS system, not only in comparison with the spot welding gun.

Ralf will also cover new approaches and opportunities to use laser technology without the previous complex devices and protective enclosures.

Mark Verney

Presentation title: Smart Dressing and Weld Expulsion Reduction for Resistance Welding

Mark has worked in the automotive industry for the past 35 years, having served a 4-year apprenticeship in Industrial Electronics.

Before joining BMW Mini as a welding specialist, Mark worked for both Tucker and Nelson as a stud welding service engineer working in all the main UK car manufacturing plants.

At the Mini plant Oxford, he is responsible for Spot Welding, Stud welding, Gluing, Vision tools and CO2 welding.

Currently Mark is responsible for new weld integration for future projects.

Andy Smith

Presentation title: Automotive Structures Based on iStream Technology

Honours degree from University of Oxford (Keble College) in Metallurgy and Science of Materials (1980 – 1984).

Andy started his career as a Materials Engineer at Marconi Avionics (later GEC Avionics) working on the AEW Nimrod and other military projects.

In 1987 he joined the Ferrari Formula 1 team at the UK base (Guildford Technical Office) and worked for the next 21 years in the industry specialising in materials testing, composite materials and adhesive bonding.

Latterly Andy has worked for McLaren Automotive (Principal Engineer – Composites Research) and am currently Director – R&D for Gordon Murray Design, developing the iStream superlight platforms.

Paul Conquest

Presentation title: Low Heat Input MIG/MAG Welding Processes

Paul is a Welding Application Engineer for Fronius and specialises in MIG/MAG welding equipment for all industry sectors.

Several welding processes focus on low heat input welding and are currently used in the automotive industry.

Paul has been involved with weld development for the automotive industry for many years on a wide range of applications and materials. 

Professor Stewart Williams

Presentation title: Additive Manufacture Inspired Opportunities for Welding and Joining Developments in the Automotive Sector

Stewart has been involved in manufacturing process research for more than thirty years including welding, cutting surface treatments and additive manufacture. Currently Stewart is Centre Director at the Welding and Additive Manufacturing Centre at Cranfield University and also Technical Director of WAAM3D.

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