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Heat Treatment of Pressure vessels

  • 28 Nov 2022
  • 6:00 PM
  • Online (via Zoom)


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Teesside Branch Technical Talk   

This is a Teesside Branch event organised and run by the Teesside Branch Committee on behalf of Branch members. Other members and non-members are very welcome to register for this talk. .

Overview: Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT), or stress relief as it is sometimes known, is a method for reducing and redistributing the residual stresses in a material that have been introduced by welding. The extent of relaxation of the residual stresses depends on the material type and composition, the temperature of PWHT, and the soaking time at that temperature. In some standards, PWHT is mandatory for certain grades or thicknesses, but where there is an option, cost and potential adverse effects need to be balanced against possible benefits.

Energy costs are generally significant due to the high temperatures and long times involved, but costs associated with time delays may be more important. Detrimental effects include distortion, temper embrittlement, over-softening and reheat cracking. This means that control of heating and cooling rates, holding temperature tolerances and the times at temperature are important. Considerations of local PWHT will also be discussed.

Speaker: Tyler London (Section Manager, TWI)

Speaker Biographies: Tyler is a Technology Fellow in Computational Engineering at TWI. He has over 12 years of experience applying modelling and simulation techniques to a range of engineering challenges from welding distortion to structural integrity. He also supports a number of international and national codes and standards such as BS 7910 and R6.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD): Attending this event supports your professional development.  You can claim 2 CPD points per hour for this event.  As a member of the Welding Institute you can record your CPD activity online from your membership portal.

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