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Building a running replica of a WW1 Tank “Musical Box”

  • 23 Oct 2023
  • 6:00 PM
  • ONLINE (Microsoft Teams)


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Teesside Branch Technical Talk   

This is a Teesside Branch event organised and run by the Teesside Branch Committee on behalf of Branch members. Other members and non-members are very welcome to register for this talk. .

Overview: The introduction of tanks during the final stages of the Battle of the Somme in September 1916 was a turning point in the Great War. Trench warfare was no longer the static stalemate it had been for two years and a return to mobile warfare was coming. Later in the war the early “Heavy” tanks would be supplemented with addition lighter faster tanks - “Whippets” which could exploit trench breakthroughs and become the first armored cavalry units. This is the story of one such tank called “Musical Box”, it’s exploits in 1918 behind German lines and why we wanted to build a fully working replica. Ironically, these tanks originally had no welded parts, not the case for our replica!

Speaker: Dr Tony Cooke

Speaker Biography: Tony has a PhD in Biology and Biochemistry and is a  part time WW1 Historian and self-taught welder, thanks to You Tube! Tony has spent 13 years building and maintaining replica WW1 tanks. Originally self-taught welder but helped significantly by Dave Godfrey of TWI 

Continuing Professional Development (CPD): Attending this event supports your professional development.  You can claim 2 CPD points per hour for this event.  As a member of the Welding Institute you can record your CPD activity online from your membership portal.

Additional Information:

  • Registration for this event will close 24 hours before the start.
  • Live event only
  • Registration details will be shared with our Branch volunteers in order to facilitate the running of the event.

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