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25 Feb 2022 2:27 PM | Anonymous

The new journal ‘Welding and Joining Matters’:

The Welding Institute is about to publish a new journal ‘Welding and Joining Matters,’ which will be a lively and easily read journal covering all aspects of welding, joining, and fabrication as well as inspection and structural performance of all classes of materials and welded products.

It will have articles of interest for all personnel working in these industries. The focus is to provide content that will provide the reader with practical and industry-based knowledge. It will represent the technical interests of all our members and will be available as an electronic and hard copy publication.

The role of correspondent:

The intent is to provide information and insight into the news, activities and interests of our members across the globe. We will have regular sections of the journal devoted to our Younger Members and to activities in the Branches and our overseas members.

We are looking for a Branch correspondent to bring together information from the branches and from overseas members and a Younger members correspondent. Their roles are to source, collect and collate information arising from these groups, their jobs and the industries represented and channel it to the journal’s editorial team for presentation in the journal.

When and where:

In its first year Welding and Cutting Matters will be published four times.

Correspondents will feed material directly to the editor of Welding and Cutting Matters. The closing date for editorial content for each issue will be approximately two months before publication date.


There are two roles:

The Branch Correspondent

The Branch correspondent will liaise with each branch to solicit material for the journal reflecting the branch, its membership and activities. They will also be in contact with specific overseas members to reflect activities in their parts of the world. The branch correspondent will then pass the material to the editor (who will review for publication).

The Younger Members’ Correspondent

The Younger Members’ correspondent will be a contact point for the YM committee with the role of sourcing or generating material on the activities of the younger members and feeding this to the editor (who will review for publication).


Volunteers or nominations are requested for these two roles. If you are interested or if you wish to nominate someone who you know to be interested please send the offer or nomination to:

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