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Case Study: Ibrahim Nuruddin Katsina CEng SenMWeldI

26 Jul 2023 9:30 AM | Anonymous

Ibrahim Nuruddin Katsina CEng SenMWeldI is currently a deputy manager of mechanical piping and pipelines at (NNPC Gas Infrastructure Company) NGIC, NNPC Ltd. With a undergraduate degree in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering at AB Zaria in Nigeria, he then went on to achieve his Masters at Cranfield University in Welding Engineering, leading him to pursue and attain a PhD, specialising in oil and gas pipeline welding and infrastructure from Cranfield University.

About You

When did you join The Welding Institute?

I joined The Welding Institute in 2008 after completing my exam for the GradWeldI grade in 2009, then became a Member

Please describe your current job role and responsibilities:

Now, I am focusing on gas infrastructure at NNPC Ltd as well as being responsible for pipeline infrastructure: building, maintenance, project management and pipelines integrity. I also manage my team and facilitate projects, i.e. design and implementation. Finally yet importantly, I oversee safety and standardisation with my team and the projects we work on.

Introduction to you and your career in engineering

Why did you choose a career in engineering?

When I was a schoolchild, I used to go to my uncle’s company ITEC Nigeria Ltd and work there during the summers; this is where my interest began. He was my role model, may his gentle soul rest in peace.

What’s one of your biggest career highlights or achievements that you’re most proud of?

When I was first starting out, as a young entrepreneur with little to no capital, I started a welding workshop. Within my first year, I built it into an established company.

What is one of the biggest challenges you’ve faced in your career and how did you overcome this?

I was managing a project and there were some instructions given to a new welder to follow a procedure. He failed to follow the instructions well which in turn led to expensive damages of a valve. This led to my team having to think very quickly on the spot to fix the issues caused.

Another challenge that I had to face was linked to my workshops. A construction company approached me to manufacture over a thousand windows and burglary proofs, and hundreds of handrails and balustrades. The time frame was the challenge; they needed all of these in 4 weeks. I took on the challenge and it became one of the biggest challenges at that young age. I had to manage hundreds of people and subcontract part of the work in order to achieve the set target, but we delivered the last pieces on the last day!

Early Professional Membership

Why did you initially join The Welding Institute?

I found out about The Welding Institute through an Institute talk and I became interested and came to Great Abington, Cambridge. I thought it would be the right place to gain knowledge and experience.

Tell us a bit about the process of becoming a Member of The Welding Institute:

I first joined as a Student Member. Then I later pursued a PhD, at this stage I applied for a Senior Member I went through the Professional review interview process.

Professional Registration

Are you professionally registered?

Yes, I became a Chartered Engineer at the same time as applying for Senior Member.

What was the process of Professional Registration like and why did you choose to become professionally registered?

After my first professional review interview with The Welding Institute, I was informed that I needed more experience and therefore, I pursued more work to aid my professional development.

Current Membership

How has professional membership/registration helped you throughout your career?

I believe Professional Membership is important and it gives prestige, knowledge and value to your career . An example of how professional registration aided my career was in that when I applied for a job, they noticed I hold CEng and SenMWeldI status and therefore a better job offer was made of becoming a manager. This demonstrated the value that employers hold of being professionally registered.

What membership benefits do you use the most and find the most helpful and why?

The Welding and Joining Matters Journal, the technical talks and webinars as well as the Branch events.

About Volunteering

What current volunteer roles do you undertake?

I volunteered for The Welding Institute events such as Welding with Chocolate. I found this to be an insightful experience being able to work with inquisitive minds. I also became a Professional Board Member as well as becoming an assessor for those applying for CEng registration. This role entails me conducting professional review interview for candidates.

Why do you undertake these volunteer roles and what are the benefits of volunteering with The Welding Institute?

It feels good to give back and to be able to teach engineering to younger minds. It is also rewarding to have the ability to help others applying to become CEng and for Professional Members. I love being able to give back to institutions that have helped in building me and my career.  

What advice would you give to anyone considering, or even currently undertaking volunteer roles with The Welding Institute?

I will always advise young engineers that volunteer roles give you many advantages and experiences as well as being able to connect with mentors and likeminded peers. This in turn leads you to be able to build relationships for the future. Always volunteer with an open mind as well so that you’re able to learn more each time.

Future (Membership and Career)

What are your engineering aspirations?

I hope to become a Fellow of the Institutes I am a part of as well as to continue developing my career. But for now, my current goal is to understand my new role and to get used to it.

Would you recommend Membership with The Welding Institute and why?

I do recommend it, as can be seen with when I was offered a better job offer once they learned that I held CEng and Senior Member status. The added benefits of networking are immeasurable.

What advice would you give or what would you say to your younger self beginning your career in engineering?

Engineering and welding is much more than you think! The impacts you make can be as big or small as you imagine, so keep learning!

Either remove the you, ot change the last sentense top value to your career.

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