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In Person: Structural Integrity in the Nuclear World

11 Aug 2023 10:00 AM | Anonymous

Our Structural Integrity Technical Group will be hosting their first in-person Technical Group, from 12:00PM – 17:00PM (UK time) on 12 September 2023.

The event, which is titled, ‘In Person: Structural Integrity in the Nuclear World,’ will be useful for those interested in the nuclear industry.

Who Should Attend?

Managers, engineers and technicians involved in structural integrity at all levels, and from all sides of the nuclear industry (manufacturers to regulators).

Speakers and Presentations:

  • Dr Jack Beswick, Structural Integrity/Finite Element Senior Consultant, Jacobs on, ‘Recent development in R6
  • Dr Steve Jones CEng FWeldI, Professor of Joining technologies: Welding, Brazing and Bonding, University of Sheffield, on, ‘Can we improve welding integrity from an artificial perspective – PROBABLY: The expansion of a Welding Engineer’s toolbox for the future’
  • EUR ING Charles Schneider, Technology Fellow, TWI Ltd on, ‘Advanced ultrasonic NDT of austenitic pipework for stress corrosion cracking
  • Dr Huan Wu, Senior Numerical Simulation Engineer, TWI Ltd on, ‘A probabilistic model for the prediction of the distribution of breaching times of carbon steel canisters
  • Dr Gareth Hopkin, Principal Inspector of Nuclear Installations, Office for Nuclear Regulation on, ‘The use of probabilistic safety assessments in the nuclear industry – a regulatory view



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