Stage one of the Skillweld Competition 2020

11 Feb 2020 3:21 PM | Anonymous

The Wales Skillweld Competition 2020 was hosted by Neath College on 6 February, 2020. 

This first stage of the competition is called the Passive Heat round and involves candidates completing a list of welding geometry. This round is an excellent opportunity for candidates to gain both practical and competition experience which, in turn, will help them in future rounds of the competition including the National Qualifiers and National Finals.

Candidates of the Wales Skillweld competition were tasked to complete four weld types. The first involved using the welding process of MAG to produce a tee fillet plate in the PF welding position. The second task was to use the MMA welding process to weld pipe to plate in a PB welding position. The third task involved using the TIG welding process to produce a tee fillet plate in the PC welding position. The final task was to use the TIG welding process to weld pipe to pipe in a PC position.

Judges of the competition have commented on the high levels of skill displayed by competitors at this first level and said that it was a promising start for many candidates for when they entered the higher rounds. They commended the overall production of good quality weldments and noted that all competitors should be proud of their accomplishments.

The Skillweld Competition is an excellent way for a new generation of welders to develop their skills and learn from experienced personnel within the welding field.

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