Webinar: Welding Process Investigation

12 Jun 2020 2:21 PM | Anonymous

The Welding Institute will be holding a webinar on 25 June 2020 on the topic of ‘Welding Process Investigation.’

About the event

This webinar covers an investigation of the acceptance, rejection and distortion that occurs when welding a set on (nozzles to shell) joint with seven different process variations. The webinar will look at this process in relation to its use within the manufacturing of pressure vessels.

The presentation will discuss the effects of different welding processes on the same joint using the same material, thickness and diameter. It will be presented within the context of the seven nozzles having been set up and tacked by one person (to ensure consistency), it will then talk through the process of the parts being welded using different processes and combinations of welding processes, before looking at the accurate measurement of the parts (before and after) to assess the quality for NDT and DT (VT, RT, PT and microsection). Finally, the presentation will cover and assess these results against different codes from EN 13445, RCC-M, ASME etc.


Welding Institute Member, Eur Ing Michael Baverstock MSc CEng MWeldI will deliver the webinar presentation.

Mike Baverstock’s extensive knowledge of this presentation subject is supported by over 30 years’ of experience working within the welding industry. He has worked in multiple industry sectors, ranging from working with aircraft through to pressure vessels. Mike now runs his own welding engineering consultancy business, helping different companies in various industries to improve their welding quality and processes.

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